Diamonds are beautiful radiant and pricey

nfgjfhzsThey can be used for a variety of purposes. They can work as accessories for clothing and other assets. They can even be used to stabilize an economy or provide financial security for those who invest wisely in its value. As assets, diamonds can be used to boost one’s financial standing especially since precious metals like this have a reputation for increasing in value as time progresses.

Diamond rings are traditionally associated with weddings. It is not unusual to see a bride or bride to be smiling happily while displaying her ring. Engagement rings typically have a diamond stone fitted in a clasp designed for this purpose. But these rings are also used to mark other occasions and achievements such as graduation (school ring), anniversary or friendship. Diamonds are especially appealing when they are used to accentuate a ring made with white gold.

Diamond is also often used in necklaces. Charm pendants made from diamonds are great for accentuating silver or gold necklaces. Chains for men are also available with diamond accents. The type of chain or necklace that you

Do You Find Yourself Wearing The Same Items In Your Closet Over And Over Again

gfjfsjfDo you have a handful of pieces that you love, but you’re not exactly sure what’s hanging at the back of your closet? You’re not alone – we’re all guilty of this crime of fashion. It’s the old 80/20 rule: we tend to neglect 80% of what’s in our closet and only wear the other 20%.

If you want to build a wardrobe that you love, that truly represents the brand YOU, it’s imperative that you become a ruthless editor – weeding out the items that no longer speak to you, or even fit you for that matter. Diana Vreeland said it best, “Elegance is refusal.” It’s the ability to know what works for you, and then just say no to the rest.

Real style starts with purging. You must get rid of what no longer works (or never did) to allow your closet to breathe and make room for those special pieces that make you shine. To start the process, create four boxes and label each accordingly: Donate, Gift, Alterations, Save. The Donate box will be for what

Pants up as men enter waist land

gfnjfsjhfmjMIDDLE age, it often is said, is when your age starts to show around your middle. And for men, it seems, the moment is marked by the inexorable rise in the position of their trouser waistband.

A survey shows that the last time most men are able to fasten their trousers around anything resembling a natural waist is at the age of 39. After that, the only way is up, or down.

”Over-achievers”, as they are known in the rag trade, hoist their trousers so high by the age of 57 the waistband can be just 18 centimetres under the armpits. The ”under-achievers”, making up about 20 per cent, plump for below, fumbling to fasten belts, buttons and zips they can no longer see.

”The changing fortunes of a man’s trouser waistband can often become a metaphor for his life,” said Paul Baldwin, director of men’s wear buying for the Debenhams department store, which commissioned the survey.

Boys wear their trousers around their waist, until the age of 12, because their parents buy their clothing for them,

Tattoo removal shops

There will be many different tattoo removal clinics to choose from if you decide that you want your tattoo removed. However, many of these shops will be latecomers who have simply added removal services to their roster of other services in order to take advantage of the growing popularity of tattooing and tattoo removal. What you will need are professionals who specialize in removal so that they will be able to dedicate themselves solely to your removal and making the process go as smoothly as possible for you.

In Boston, New York, and Allentown, Tataway will be the clear choice. Tattoo removal is all that they do, and they specialize in utilizing the laser methods to get your tattoo out. They recently got the PicoSure laser, which is the fastest and most efficient laser available for tattoo removal.

Many people will naturally be concerned with tattoo removal cost and Tataway offers a free, online service for quotations. Simply by forwarding them a photo of your tattoo and answers to a few questions, they will be able to give you an estimate of how much your removal will cost.

Choosing the Perfect lehengas in Chandni Chowk

Lehengas are now in fashion. Lehengas are the subcontinent skirt which is usually embroidered, long and pleated. It is beautifully secured at the waist portion and leaves the midriff bare. It’s a full ankle length of skirt usually worn on ceremonial or any formal celebrations. Lehengas are usually worn by both the women of Northern and India states. Lehenga dominates the outfits for women during any functions, marriages, any special festivals. Lehengas are quite expensive with all the beautiful work of brocades. Lehengas are one of the most popular outfits ever. Chandni Chowk is one of the busiest and oldest shopping markets in Delhi. This place is always abuzz with life and has many designer shops and boutiques stores. Here, are some rules for buying lehengas in Chandni Chowkfor you-

Opt For a Beautiful Stiff Dupatta

You can easily choose from a great variety of stiff dupatta, which includes- Organza, Brocade, and Tussare silk so that it easily holds up. A dupatta of flow pattern will always fall flat on your body. Wear it in such a way that it gives the excellent deception of the beautiful curves of your body starting from your shoulder

T-shirt Bras with Memory Foam Truly are a Woman’s Fantasy Realized

A thing that each girl on earth may relate with will be the necessity of finding the most comfortable breast support attainable. Just about the most comfy bras to be released in years are t-shirt bras with memory foam. Furthermore they provide excellent support, but they’re comfortable to have on the whole day long. Furthermore, they scrub nicely and even hold on to the particular ability to supply support with comfort and ease pertaining to washing immediately after cleaning. Women find themselves wondering how they ever survived before the arrival of a comfortable t-shirt bra with memory foam on the market.

The actual topic of bras just isn’t one which you regularly hear mentioned in general public discussions, so maybe the indisputable fact that girls everywhere ARE speaking of this style of bra affords the most crucial commendation of all. A good t-shirt bra looks very good under limited garments. It gives you required cover, but it also does not make a point of standing out as being an item regarding apparel on its own. A lot of women end up so satisfied with this kind of pretty bra they will actually find themselves speaking about it not simply to

Great Fashionista Vacations

Plenty of men and women sport discount clothing and look great doing it, thankyouverymuch.

However, for those of us with a fetish for labels, the knockoffs don’t even remotely approach the quality and style of designer fashions. Serious connoisseurs of runway-ready wear or people who just like to shop in general might forego the standard beach or snow bunnyvacations in favor of a visit to one of the world’s major fashion capitals. There are fashion-forward vacay options to choose from in virtually every corner of the world.

As if the wine, pasta and scenery weren’t enough reasons to make Italy a stop on your fashionista tour, Milan is also one of the most renowned fashion capitals in the world. Major fashion houses like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are headquartered in this picturesque city in northern Italy. Milan is such a hotspot for fashion-related talent that it boasts 6,000 students in 14 fashion schools. Clearly, the city needs a lot of fresh talent to keep the industry moving.

Visitors can learn more about the historical significance of Milan’s fashion industry by visiting the recently opened Museum of Fashion and Costume History. In terms of good,

Do Away With Being Formal Don a Cool Hoodie This Winter

Sleek and smart – is that your fashion quotient? If you seek a dress that gives you comfort in the winter chill, and also appeases your sense of style, why don’t you try adding some hoodies to your wardrobe?

Customized Hoodies India

So, what are hoodies? Sweatshirts with hoods that make your winters warm and enhance the casual look are called hoodies. The fun part about wearing these hoodies is that you can easily customize these with the aid of advanced digital technology. You could browse through the internet and several ecommerce websites that have specialized in printing.

Photo Printed Hoodies

If you are to pick up hoodies online, you could explore investing in some photo printed hoodies. By printing your photographs with your girl gang or buddies on these hoodie, you could order several of these and create memories for the group. Just imagine how cool it would be to hang out together at a cafe or attend a rock concert wearing these photo printed hoodies! You could even start your own fashion statement in college.

Hoodies Printing


Printing hoodies is easy and designing the same is no longer a tedious task. Just sit back and

All You Need This Winter is Warmth

Winter is coming and it’s time for indulging into shopping again. The fact that winters require wearing a number of things simultaneously makes shopping for winters even more delightful. We get to shop for everything from sweaters and jackets to cap and shawls.

With the sale and purchase of woolen sweaters and woolen shawls online, people do not even have to go through the cold chills of the traditional markets. We can sit in the warmth of our houses and shop for a number of winter clothes and accessories with much ease and convenience.

Also, online scarves by Shingora have been creating a lot of buzz in the digital market because of their distinguishing styles and shades that they’re available it. But be it an offline store or an online shopping site, you must have come across different labels mentioning different names of wool.

We have a tendency of relating wool only with the sheep- all thanks to our nursery rhymes and stories. But there are a lot of animals who have been giving wool for the production of woolen sweaters and shawls. This leads to a variety in the types of wool. Given below is a list of different types of wools.

Reasons Why A Suede Clutch Bag Adds Elegance To A Beautiful Dress

When you talk of attention grabbing women’s fashion, it is not just restricted to the trendy party wear that she is garbed in. It is actually much more than that. There happen to be many other factors, that greatly add to her beautiful looks. If you happen to barge into any evening event, prom party or a glittering get-together, you will find that the loveliness of the well-dressed woman is significantly enhanced by the appealing accessories that she puts on or carries along with her at the occasion. Women make sure their wardrobe is also stuffed with showpieces that act as a feather in the cap to add a glamorous appeal to gorgeous looks. Majority of the chic women out there will make sure they make a lasting impression by stepping into a pair of high heels, wear a handsome hat or flaunt a clutch bag elegantly tucked into in their hands. The contemporary times have seen the rising trend of chic, compact and cool-to-carry clutch bags, that also go on to redefine the style statement of a woman. Amongst the hot favourites of celebrities, superstars and all fashionable women on this planet, the cobalt blue suede clutch crafted from

Take The Entire World by Surprise by Your Extraordinary Dressing Style

So it’s prom time! Finally, you have a chance to surprise your friends and your dearest date with an astounding prom dress. From the host of options available in this genre a little homework has to be done in order to land up with a perfect one. Hey! There is nothing to let down your spirits. As, a little and easy homework will help you sail perfectly through this. Some styles are new in this league while others can be rightly termed as veterans. These veterans are classless beauties which are doing the rounds for so many years now. Like the empire dress with a high waistline, starting just a little beneath the bust, coupled with a long, straight skirt hanging from your waistline. This style looks great on pear-sized figure. It has a benefit of adding to the height factor of petite girls.

Then there is the sheath design which tones down the figure from shoulders to hemline. It hugs your body outlining the silhouette. It is very popular with sleeveless style evening dresses. Then there are the high-low gown, which is long when seen from back and goes shorter in the front, just above the knees. They look great

Inescapable Radiance of Synthetic Gemstones

Mankind is one of the most signified creations by nature. To adorn them at level higher, gemstones has been crafted too. But then, it doesn’t mean that the adorable gems that are produced by humans in laboratories don’t have any dignitary values. Rather, the contemporary fashion domain got exuberantly brightened with the attractive features of such synthetic gems.

In a more commercialized way, buyers of the current ages are just overwhelmed with array of choices. Appeal and charm are not the ultimate facets that they search for. Added with it is the requirement of the gems being pocket-friendly too. As a result of which, the simulated counterparts of the naturally obtained precious gems received an enhancing favourability. Necklace, earpiece, rings, bracelets and various other forms of jewelleries that are incorporated with gemstones have been the sole love of mankind for ages. Today, euphoric discovery of various coloured and designed artificial gemstones has inordinately extended the choice-list.


Ancient times saw the attachment of mystical powers with natural gems. They are the pillared support for astrology domain too. Nevertheless, entire fashion world around the globe is enriched with its presence. Conjoined with one of the

New Collection of Party Wear Sarees at Vandvshop

Vandvshop is definitely a supreme shopping outlet for party wear sarees, an online place where one can look for party wear sarees in accordance with your requirements as well as demands.

Party Wear Sarees are becoming enormously well-liked throughout the years. Most women adore dressing in sarees that enrich their attractiveness and even identity, may it be a social gathering, kitty party or perhaps a birthday celebration party.

Events play a significant role within the social lifestyle of a person if he/she is a member of any specific specialized industry than it becomes important to prosperity for the best interests of modern society.

In functions folks particularly observed you so that they can fully grasp you as well as your characteristics, they observed your way to connect, your own feelings and thoughts and even more than anything yours dress up. Clothing shows your individuality characteristics also it displays your likeness, hates along with several more essential stuff that folks would like to know relating you. Females always keep their dress up updated and even in line with fashion as well as style.


Marriage ceremonies are the kind of function wherein not merely the brides as

Camo Wedding Bands Engagement Ring and Realt Tree Rings

Making the commitment of a lifetime to someone is not an easy decision, but when you have decided to pop the big question to your lady love, its best to equip yourself with an engagement ring that is bound to make her eyes shine. The fact that diamonds are a girl’s best friend is well known, but combining a diamond with a beautiful Camo engagement ring can make your loveeven more precious in the eye of your beloved. After all who can resist the charm of a RealtTree ring embellished with a beautiful diamond stone at the centre. Leave alone the girlsWomen, even men find it hard to resist the charm of a RealtTree ring, with or without precious stones.

Camo wedding bands, engagement rings are fast climbing the fashion ladder and there are a growing number of couples who are choosing to go Camo for their weddings. Camo wedding bands and engagement rings are especially finding favor among traditional hunting lovers and modern outdoor lovers for they bring out the true essence of natural beauty in their colorful, detailed and intricate imagery of nature. Even if you choose not to have a full scale Camo wedding,

Choosing the Right Accessories for Work

The modern working girl and woman spend a large portion of the day at their workplace. When it comes to dressing and accessorizing, it is indeed the desire of every working woman to look professionally dressed but also maintain a unique sense of style at the same time. What could be better if you can wear outfits and accessories that showcase your personal style, make you look feminine and graceful, and add flair to your overall appearance – all without compromising on the ‘professional’ look?

Today, there are a lot of accessorizing options available to add some panache to work outfits while still being appropriate for the office environment. Even if you work in a conservative office environment, you still have easy choices to consider.

1) Jewellery: Jewellery is the key to accessorizing, however, it is important to keep it simple. A single stoned diamond earring and matching pendant can add a touch of elegant style to otherwise dull office attire. A bracelet is also a nice way to add a statement to your outfit.

2) Bag: A stylish handbag is a brilliant accessory you can use to add colour, texture, and pattern to your

Sunscreens What Should You Look For In Your Sunscreen

Sunscreens protect your skin against the harmful UV radiations of the sun and prevent sunburns, sun spots and premature aging of the skin.

However, it becomes quite difficult to select a good sunscreen from the overwhelming choices that are available in the market. The trick to choosing the best sunscreen for you is knowing what to look for in it.

So how to choose a sunscreen? Here are some things you should consider while looking for a good sunscreen:


Photo stability is the most important characteristic of a sunscreen. It defines its ability to not break down on exposure to sunlight. A sunscreen with weak photostability destabilizes on contact with light and provides no protection from the UV rays of the sun. Physical UV filters are photo stable. However, some chemical UV filters like avobenzene are highly unstable. Thus make sure, you read through the ingredient list of the sunscreen very carefully before purchasing it. 

Broad Spectrum Protection

Broad spectrum sunscreens protect against the UVA as well as the UVB rays of the sun. and it is important to make sure your skin is protected from both these rays. UVA rays penetrate

The History Of Gemstones Cutting

When asked what I do for a living, my response is usually “lapidarist“. This inevitably gets the “Huh?” response. Most people have no idea that there is a lapidary field and that lapidary may quite possibly be one of the oldest professions!

A lapidary is an artist who practices the craft of working, forming, and finishing stone, mineral, and gemstones into decorative pieces or wearable items.

In prehistoric times, man learned to make tools from stone, using one stone to chip away at another, and in the process learned that stones good be worked and that they had different hardnesses. By 3,000 B.C. man had developed his lapidary skills to such an extent that they could make cylinders from serpentine. In all ancient civilizations history records the carving of stones for tools and adornment. Beads, scarabs, amulets, seals, even bowls were cut from stone. It is believed that around the 1300’s early faceting occurred. But in the 1400’s real developments began.

Grinding wheels were developed, shapes were improved upon, and better polishing techniques emerged. The lapidary field of gemstones for jewelry began to divide into two techniques. Faceting-described as to place and polish facets onto

Why Are Custom Cut Designer Cabochons So Much More Expensive Than Standard Commercial Ones

There is lost wax casting-where the design is done in wax and then cast in metal, there is metalsmithing-where the work is done with metal, there is wirewrapping, and then there is snap settings-premade settings, usually cast, that all you have to do is add a standard cut stone to. For obvious reasons custom cut cabochons are not usually used in the latter type. For the other 3 types, the jeweler may have a design in mind and then go looking for a cabochon, or find a cabochon that “speaks” to them and design around it. Jewelers can go through 1000’s of cabochons looking for just the right one. And it can be very frustrating when the one they find is out of their budget.

Why are custom cut cabochons so much more expensive than standard commercial ones?

The main problem of course is the product we sell. We sell a product that takes millions of years to produce, is sometimes found only in one area, and many times the deposits get played out. The natural stone materials can even change in pattern or color from one foot to the next of the deposit! Often you

10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have

It’s about being true to who you really are and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

 Real style comes from within. It is having the confidence to get organized, being a ruthless editor and trusting your own creativity. If you feel great, then you’ll look great – whether your outfit cost $100 or $1000. Ultimately, be true to yourself.

With that said, there are ten items that I believe every stylish woman worth her fashion salt should own. These are the items that will carry you through season after season and never let you down. They are the classic must-haves that will serve as the backbone of your wardrobe.

Trends will come and go, but these are the items that will loyally serve you year after year.

  1. The Little Black Dress – Channel your inner Audrey. This timeless piece can take you from the office to an evening on the town with the switch of a few chosen accessories. A simple, yet sophisticated black dress will also serve as the perfect backdrop to a killer pair of colorful stilettos or a statement piece of jewelry.
  2. Classic White Shirt – This perennial favorite will never go

Rock And Mineral Terminology

First off the most important: mineral is a naturally occurring solid substance formed by natural processes, with a specific chemical composition.

Rock is a naturally occurring solid substance of one (but usually at least two) or more minerals. Gem or gemstone are terms used loosely to describe the best minerals and rocks. And Stone is really not a scientific term but is used often in the commercial trade.

The fields of study and the people who study them include:

  • Gemology/Gemologist the study of gemstones.
  • Geology/Geologist the study of substance that makes up earth.
  • Mineralogy/Mineralogist the study of minerals.
  • Paleontology/Paleontologist the study of prehistoric life and fossils.
  • Lapidary means “concerned with stone” and is used to encompass the entire field as well as the art of cutting stones and the person who does the cutting.

Other mostly descriptive rock and mineral terminology used are:


This literally means “cluster of grapes” and is used to describe a rock that has a bumpy or grape like surface.


Cabochon (also known as Cab for short) A stone cut for jewelry. It is usually rounded (or domed) and polished on top, and either flat or slightly rounded on

What Are Your Clothes Saying About You

Coco Chanel not only created the fashionable and immortal suit and “little black dress” but she made women believe that they can live their own lives, they can be independent and wear clothes according to their own preferences.

So powerful was Coco Chanel’s influence that today, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 is sold every 30 seconds. Now, that’s influence!

Coco set out to conquer the world. She showed women they could be comfortable and still look elegant. Famous for her saying, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” This became Coco Chanel’s secret of influence to women everywhere.

What do your clothes say about you?

Is it the right message? Does it work for or against you? What influences your choice of wardrobe? How do you use the power of your clothes?

Your answers to these questions are valuable in making an impression – influencing an outcome – or persuading a thought.

Women in positions of influence, from Wall Street to Washington, face the fashion police every day. For these women fashion and clothing choices are serious business. But is it any less important for the Mompreneur or

History Of Lace Fabrics

However, what is known is that throughout history, as societies moved from hunting and gathering to organized agriculture several things happened pretty much universally as a result that likely led to some form of lace making.

For instance one thing that organized agriculture allowed was a more efficiency tax collection system that in turn led to a wealthier ruling class. Another group that came along with organized agricultural societies was what might best be described as a “landed upper class” and could afford to wear lace.

Now it’s important to understand the importance that this group of wealthy landowners played in the advancement of fashions of the day – that most likely included lace fabrics. This is because in feudal times it was uncommon for rules both written and unwritten to be in place concerning how people in general were allowed to dress.

That is the political elite, just as many leaders in religions still do, used their clothing as a way of projecting and promoting their level of authority. You see back then only the king and members of his court may have been allowed to wear elaborate lace fabrics and for a